August 29, 2006

Blackberry Hell

You never expect how much you become dependent on these devices. Phones, Text messages, emails. The Blackberry is one cool device till it stops working. This nightmare started yesterday as rebooted my server, ironic enough it was after having set up this blog lol. Anyways so once I rebooted the server I notice that it wasn’t actually coming back up. So I had to a call into my DataCenter to see what was up.

Well you would think speaking with them would be easy, but long story short, it took them over 10+ hours to get my server back up and working again. So once this was finally done, I took a relief in thinking everything was good to go. Now keep in mind that while my server was down, I wouldn’t have gotten no emails from my POP3 account since that server was down. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check my Blackberry (Something I do every morning, it’s quite the habit not), to my dismay there was not emails, ok understandable. I proceeded to send a couple emails to test but nothing was coming through. I then proceeded to troubleshoot the problem (Being that I’m a Tech and all myself). I tried restarting the POP3 service on my server, no good. I resent the Blackberry service books to my Blackberry device, no good. I then tried to delete one of my POP3 accounts and readd it, however now I couldn’t readd it. I now had the problem of it saying that it couldn’t find my mail server domain, though I clearly checked and it was in perfect working order.

So now at wits end, I called Cingular. They proceeded to walk me through the same troubleshooting steps I had already done. Once now of this worked, she went through like a 100 different steps while she would ask me to hold on, now trying this, ok maybe it’s this. I called Cingular at 9:12am, an hour and a half later she decided she was going to get RIM involved with the case. So she called RIM and passed me off to him. He proceeded to have me do a hard reset to my Blackberry, which also didn’t work. At this point while I wasn’t losing my cool, if I didn’t start getting answers soon, I would of. So the guy from RIM put me on hold for awhile, when he came back stated why it wasn’t work. Apparently when my server went down, the DNS entry for it in RIM’s server had taken it out since it was offline for a long period of time. He explained that the RIM server had to resolve the DNS information for my domain, after this happen the issue would resolve itself. In the meantime he created a work around, so now I can currently get email from one of my G Style Magazine account and my Cingular one until this issue resolves itself. This sucks since I have lke 10 account routing to my Blackberry device, but hey what can you do?

Crazy how we become dependent on these devices…lol

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