VMG’s Media Club

I love technology! I love changing my phones, mp3 players, and any other piece of new gadget. I also love customizing those gadgets. So we all know Ringtones are still big right now, and I love song I want as Ringtones. My gripe with Ringtones though, is the wack carriers. All the major carries, make you pay like 1.99 or more to buy their crap tones. Sometimes they may have the song you like, but it’s some weird part of the song, that you would never want as a tone. What to know what my thoughts on that is, screw them! I’m also doing something PC related, so finally I go software that gave me the ability to create my own tones. Now I take whatever song I want and make the tone for it. I have a Blackberry 8700c from Cingular Wireless, so it was a little tricky at first.Basically I had to create the tone, then upload it to my server, and then download it through the web browser on my Blackberry and save that. This allowed me to create my own tones without paying a dime. I have shared this ability with a few other Blackberry users I know, but now have decided to share some more. So while I won’t put the address to that site on here for any random person to just download, if you put a comment ask and include your email address, I’ll email you the link to this wealth of tones. While it’s a small selection currently, it is however the most current music out there, so if it is Hip Hop and you just heard it on the radio, then mostly likely it is a tone I already have!

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