September 6, 2006

Apartment Hunting

This apartment hunting business is no joke. Me and the Misses talked about moving in together (I’ve been ready, she didn’t seem like she was, but that’s another story) before, but this baby business gave that a push. So now we have to find a 2 Bedroom apartment (I would of been good with a 1 Bedroom. But hey).So I’ve been looking on places like Craigslist, Allspaces, even One thing that seems to piss me off about these online apartment sites….the lack of pictures. This is suppose to be the internet, it is suppose to make things easier. So can someone tell me why most of these sites either don’t have pictures for their postings or make you pay stupid fees to look at pictures and get details and when you do pay, don’t even have good information.

I mean this is suppose to be better than the newspaper, it’s suppose to have all this information, pictures, graphs, 3D structures, this is suppose to make me want to lose the paper and log online. So what’s up with the lack of information? If I have to also look in newspapers as well what is the point of going to the internet. Shoot the newspaper will cost me 1.50 at most, .50 cents if it towards the end of the day, yet websites want to charge $50 dollars of more.

Now while we on the topic of cost, what’s with the cost of living in New York? Sheesh a man can’t find a decent 2 Bedroom without forking over at a start at least $1200 and the ones under that, guess what, no pictures, meaning I have to run all over town looking at places, many who won’t either take me or I won’t want them. A man just wants to find a decent place for his budding family and the whole situation is complex beyond belief. Well wish me luck folks.

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