September 7, 2006

G Style Magazine makes it to a year

So next month makes a year. October marks the one year anniversary of G Style Magazine. We have survived a year. If you don’t know what G Style Magazine is, then this coming year you will. It’s hard to believe a year has gone by so fast. Though G Style is not where I would of liked it to be in terms of visitors and money wise, I’m proud to say we haven’t gone under either.

We aren’t in the red money wise, thanks to good decisions and choices with keeping cost down, so this year we will be in a position to put a lot more budget to marketing G Style and getting the name out to the public. There will be changes of course and we have had our ups and down. Also for the life of me I can’t figure out why we can keep someone as Fashion Stylist onboard and to stay committed. I however will be rebranding G Style. We still will focus on Fashion & Technology, but now more Technology or are we like to say Fashionably Technical. So G Style will become all Technology, but making sure the items we talk about have style and fashion sense. We will still keep the music aspect going, but maybe dive in other areas, maybe movies. Who knows, can’t like that secret out yet, don’t want to blog to tell all the information.

This has been a good year. Our core staff has been good and stay committed to making G Style run well. Shout outs to Nicholas, Q, Nique, Chuck, and all others who have believed in the project and worked with it. Let’s keep it going for another year and more. Shout out also especially to those who have signed up for the email updates, and the viewers, thank you for the support, we have much more in store for you. We made it the first year and haven’t went defunct. So it’s time to continue growing and expanding. So to 2007 and go, as always G Style, do you have it?

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  1. Jameka says:

    I see big things in the future. 2007 is going to be a great year for the entire fam. Congrats on making it to one year, that’s what’s up.