September 13, 2006

The New Blackberry Pearl…I can wait.

So there is a new Blackberry coming out, the Pearl. Finally RIM has dropped a Blackberry with a camera. Not only that, but it also has a media player. This isn’t quite your daddy’s BB, but it’s definitely trying to appeal to the Sidekick crowd.

However I’ll wait. 1)It’s on Tmobile, I’m sorry but I highly doubt, I’ll ever sign up for Tmobile service. 2)It has a SureType keyboard, I can’t stand that either. So we’ll see, the whole new Trackball concept, might be ok, I’ll have to get my hands on one to be sure. However until then, I’ll wait till they have a BB with the camera and new feature but with the same Querty style keyboard.

Not a bad attempt all in all, just it needs a few tweaks before I’ll jump at it.

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  1. Chuckito says:

    damnit maine, T-mobile isnt that bad… well its not THATTTT bad, lol. it is bad, but i’ve seen worse in sprint. but this was the gadget i was going to go digging in my couch for some coins to save up for, and infact I still might get it and drop my sidekick, although i might get scorned among the tmail community, lol.