September 24, 2006

The Rebirth of the Walkman

I’ve been denied people. I’ve waited for this device to come to America, I knew about it for a long time ago and just waited for it. However I’ve been told (by my girlfriend) that I can’t get it and that I should learn to be responsible. This is quite funny when to me some of her actions don’t exactly bring the word responsible to mind, but I’ll leave that for a future post possibly

But let’s talk about Sony. As some of you might know, they were the inventors of the Walkman. Back when Tape players were all the rave, Sony was at the forefront and introduce the Walkman to the world. Well it seems in this digital age, Apple and their Ipod seems to have stolen the spotlight, till now. Sony is back with what they should call The New Walkman. This beauty shows why Sony is the king of style. I personally had brought a Sony mp3 players because I it has style all over it. However the current one I had brought, maybe over a year ago is only 1GB in size. This was good back then, but not I find it annoying to have to remove stuff off to put new items on there. This new players, is 8GB, while not the 30, 60GB like them Ipods, I feel 8GB should be enough for me. I have nowhere near 30Gigs worth of music, so I don’t think I’ll need all that space. I’m loving this mp3 player right now, but the fact that me getting will create drama with my girl, annoys me. So for now, this new Walkman, the rebirth of the Walkman shall remain a pipe dream. Oh and incase you guys out there was wondering what it cost, it currently going for 199.95 at most retailers, yes cheaper than an Ipod Nano. I’ve even found a spot only where it will cost 199.00, no tax, no shipping charges AND it includes 3 day FedEx shipping, so it would arrive to you in 3 days. It’s my little secret but if your nice, maybe I’ll tell you where.

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  1. The excitement….then dissapointment of seeing that favorite item but having to damn near become the sneaking around Pink Panther with your G/F, i knew how that was, but in the end, it all works out maine, just keep your spirits up and everything will work itself out.

    Pssss, if i get it before you, you can borrow mines, lol, its a load of excuses to make up