October 15, 2006

G Style Magazine has it’s Perks

(Yea that’s me mixing it up with McGruff, this dude is famous mannn lolol) So this week was the Digital Life Expo at the Jacob Javis Center around 34th street and 11 Avenue in NYC. I was there representing G Style Magazine. This was quite a big deal for me. You see last year, I was at the Digital Life as a member of the Press but back then I was a writer for our now rebranded sister magazine CitiConfidential (now rebrand and anew as Avenue1). This year however I was there as Publisher of G Style Magazine. Let me tell the Press get treated well at these events. We had a separate Press Office that only members of the Press has access to. This location was above the showroom floors. Unlike the madness that was the showroom floor, the press area was quiet, relaxing, a nice place to kick back. We was treated to free Laptop (runnin Windows Vista mind you) use with high speed internet access, and food all 4 days.

So Saturday, I was there mainly wrapping up my prior visit from Thurday. I was walking the showroom floor getting some last pictures, video footage, and some video drops for G Style Magazine (we live in the YouTube era ladies and gentlemen). However I had to kick back for a little while (carrying 25 pounds of digital equipment on your back will require a kick back here and there), so I decided to relax in the Boost Mobile Lounge area for a little while. They have a live DJ, Pool tables, and just a nice general atomsphere going on there. I also got a drop from a lovely model as well, don’t be surprised if you see her in a future issue of G Style Magazine. All in all, being apart of the press has it’s perks, and I can get use to this lol.

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  1. Jameka says:

    Welcome to my world…being press is wonderful.