October 17, 2006

Not the New Sony Walkman but just as good or better

So my getting myself tons of gadgets now-a-days have seem to come to a slump. With this baby business, my girl is shutting me down on getting stuff. She basically shut me down on the Sony Digital Walkman, however I will be getting a new MP3 Player. Not at a high cost though. This MP3 player is the Creative Zen Vision:M and it retails at $249.99 or more depending on where you get it from. However I being the nice “Mr. G Style” that I am, was able to find it for at a cost to me of $100 bucks even. Would this be enough to let the misses give me her blessing in getting it.

Now I made my case. The Zen Vision:M is a 30GB MP3 players, with built in FM Radio, video playback features, photo features,and a nice 2.5″ screen. All this I was getting for 100 bucks. Keep in mind the Sony was 8GB, no FM radio, no video, no 2.5 screen and it would of came out to 217 or some with tax. How could she not let me get it, 100 even and all of those features. Well she did say I could get it, but I pretty much had to endure a IM lecture about after this not getting anything else and just focusing on bills and stuff for the baby. Granted that is a good idea, but shoot she act like before she said that, I was just buying gadget after gadget spending wildly. Since I found out we were having a child, I haven’t brought anything new, no clothes, no gadgets, i don’t even go out. I just work and come home. So I think I should be able to get one thing without the speech, but hey atleast I’m getting my mp3 player. It should be here if not today, then tomorrow by 4:30pm (which basically means I might not see it till Thurday). I already downloaded Window Media Player 11 Beta to maybe check out the URGE music store when I get the device. But the most important reason to get this MP3 Player is because i’m tired of having to pull music off my 1GB Sony now to add more music, now I won’t have to.

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