October 28, 2006

Rounding the 6 Month Mark

Nothing major to report at this time, but we are rounding the 6 month mark. Things are still calm and cool for now, as we just awaiting that time. Interesting thing though, my girl when she would be laying flat on her back, if she sat up slightly, her stomach would have this unusual shape to it. I thought this may have been the baby bunching up in one area. However I was told otherwise at her pre-natal visit today. The Doctor explained that was just weak muscle in the area. So that kill that idea lol.

In other news, it’s crazy cause I know mad people who just had a child recently are about to have one like my girl soon. I have one friend who I can’t give much detail about her, but she is 18 weeks currently, then there is my friend who was actually my goto person for information. She currently already have a baby girl, well I shouldn’t say baby, shoot seen her not to long ago and she is able to walk on her own now. However as she was my goto person, she found out she is now pregnant with her second child. Then there is another friend of mine who is down in Florida, who just recently gave birth to a little girl, back in Sept. So it’s interesting, it’s like this is the season, all this new life coming into the world, it’s wild.

On the name thing, we haven’t decided, or I could say she hasn’t decided, but I’ve been having fun with it. One thing she had told me one day was let’s do a poll and see what name wins. Not that this would make the final decision, but it was interesting to me to see. Well I sent out a bunch of emails, text messages, and IMs to a lot of people (and if you are one of those people who didn’t respond yet, you are a bum and better send me your vote). Well at first it seem like the name she wanted was in the lead, but I’m proud to report the name I like best, at this moment is currently leading 29-24, so I hope we can maintain that lead. I’ve pretty much gone through all my friends and family that I wanted to vote, now she has to go through hers and add their votes to the poll, then we can see who finally won.

Well that is all for now, stay tuned……

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  1. Jameka says:

    Y’all are too cute…glad to know everything is going well.