October 31, 2006

Slow Clients….

Mannn there isn’t anything I can’t stand, there is slow clients. What is it about having a sit down meeting, going over the plan, and then making it happen. From the moment I leave the sit down meeting or phone call, I’m ready to work. All the client has to do is cut the check and the work can start and finish. Why is that so diffcult? The only part of any of this work they have to do is provide me the material I need, cut the check, and approve the final outcome. It can’t be that hard.

If it is that easy, why do projects I’m suppose to do get dragged on for weeks, months, till I finally just pull the plug? Clients will have every excuse in the book. If you wasn’t really ready to get your project started, why email me, why even call me up to discuss price and how long it’s going to take? If I quote you a price and tell you it can be completed in one month, why after that month, I’m still “talking” to you about the project? It kills me sometimes.

This process should be really easy. Sit down, talk out project, agree and shake on it if need be, cut the check, begin work, complete work, the end. Seems simple enough, but I seem to spend more time waiting for information, waiting for them to cut the check, waiting for who knows what. Mannnnnn!


  1. Jameka says:

    I feel you…believe me I understand completely. Only thing worse than clients slow to get started…are the clients who are slow to pay, lol. I’m going through that now.

  2. Chuck says:

    i know the feeling – i’m feeling like that over on this end, and sometimes i feel like treating URM like a waste basket – just emptying everything out and doing it over from scratch, lol, its annoying though so i know how it is.

    ………hell i still might dump most of my clients, lol, who knows