November 15, 2006

The Eye of the Storm

You know how when you have a BIG storm, you are sometimes tricked into thinking the storm has passed when you are in the eye of it. I mean its calm, quiet, and things seem good. That is where I’m at currently with the baby expecting situation. Right now there is just waiting. The baby is developing, me and my girlfriend finally settled on a name, and things are calm.

Not too long ago, I finally was able to feel the baby kick, and it wasn’t where it was so slight I wasn’t sure. It was hard enough for me to tell for sure. So that was great. I’ve tried talking to the baby through the stomach more, I still feel kind of funny doing it, I mean I’m talking to a stomach lol. However I do try to do it more. So right now we are in the eye of the storm, the doctor visits have been good, the baby is fine, doing good, all is well. Maybe the storm has passed….or has it? That Eye of the Storm I tell you, can be tricky. We shall see.

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