November 22, 2006

Finally Finished It

So I’m always working on other projects and never have time to finish the ones for myself. Well the Versatile Media Group site has now been finished.

Versatile Media Group is a full fledged Digital Media company. Our company aims to set the trend for the platform. As the market is shifting more and more to the internet and mobile platforms, VMGs aims to be on the forefront of such a shift. VMG is part Entertainment company and part service. On the Entertainment side, VMG uses digital media to entertain and inform. Some of our ventures include our all digital magazine, G Style Magazine.

G Style is a monthly digital magazine that reports on many consumer electronics that are apart of our everyday live but take a more fashion/style oriented method of reporting on these consumers electronics. Another venture in the works is the Versatile Media Group Network. In a time where people turn to the internet for things to watch as well as the Television, VMG’s goal is bring broadband video to our viewers, and become a home to new original content from various sources.

If you are an artist, model, record label, business owner, or just someone looking to take your business or product or yourself into the digital era and need helping setting that up and maintaining that. Please give us a call. You can even hit me up to talk more about it with the information below.

Jason “VerSe” Anderson
Versatile Media Group
Phone: 646.248.7058

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