January 19, 2007

Cut Short….?

Situation has gone critical! Yes yesterday marked my girl going into her 34th week, meaning there are now 6 weeks till due that. If that was enough to some what raise the worry alert, what I’m about to say next will. It’s seems cause of my girl’s condition (constant throwing up), her doctor suggest the may have to induce labor early. This pretty much would wait till she was full term, which is the 37th week and then either the 37th or the 38th they would induce labor. This cuts the time down from 6 weeks to about 3 weeks they do it on the 37th or 4 weeks for the 38th. Man I am not ready

I was hoping for a full 40 weeks (The entire length of a normal pregnancy), 3/4 weeks is not enough. I’m still waiting to move into our new place but we may not be able to move in till Feb 15th hopefully, so she may give birth before then. There are still a couple things we need to get, and not time is quickly approaching. Must…not…panic!

On the bright side, since they will be waiting till she is full term, once she is, technically she can be born on any day after that, so if they do induce, the chances of anything being wrong from such a situation should be low. And that would mean I would finally get to see my little girl faster, but still I am not ready yet. *Whew* on another note I just picked up 2 new books about parenting. “Rookie Dad” by Susan Fox and “The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year” by Armin A. Brott. The Rookie Dad talks about fun and easy exercises and games for dads and babies in their first year. This looks to be a great book filled with games and playful ways to bond and build their developmental skills. Now “The New Father” is a follow up to the other book I finished reading call “The Expectant Father” by Armin A. Brott. This is a book I HIGHLY recommend for any new father to be. I feeling the way be breaks things down month by month. He does this same thing and have the same style as “The Expectant Father”. So if you are going to become or father or thinking about it, I recommend you get your hands on these books!

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