January 25, 2007

Oh What a Day….and Oh Yea She’s Here!

Man what a day. Brought a new camera yesterday thinking I wanted something small and compact to use for taking pictures of the baby and for on the fly. So I brought it to work today (technically yesterday now) to show another co-worker. The day was proceeding normally and then……(taking a quote from Fight Club) *ladies and gentleman we have just lost cabin pressure*….I got the call.

You see my little girl was due March 1st, 5 weeks from now, but then the Doctors said they might need to induce early, so I pretty much had instead of 5 weeks, maybe about 2-3 weeks. However today at 12:01pm, my girl called me and said the Doctors had to deliver the baby today. YES people today. I had to hop in a cab from midtown and jet to the Bronx, which I did in record time, arriving at the hospital at 12:47pm

So everyone today (or yesterday) January 24, 2007 born at 4lbs 8ozs and 18inches tall Nyla Jade Simone Anderson entered this world though C-section. I’m happy to say that though they have her in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, both she and her mother are doing quite well! Mother is doing well recovering, and the little one is being carefully watched for anything that might pop up, but she is doing quite well. I will know more hopefully tomorrow but the Doctors have state over and over again that she is doing well. Wow I’m a Daddy….

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  1. Chuck says:

    its the beginning of a new era – congrats to you and nique boogie, and you know we have to throw the celebration maine, asap!