January 30, 2007

It’s Time for the Superbowl!

The baby pre-show is over. It’s time for the Super bowl of raising this child to begin! The last couple of days has been a scramble *whew*. From the whirlwind of her birth to the scramble now to get everything ready. Since we was in the NICU (or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) we wasn’t sure when she would be going home, we however found out that she would be coming home this week. Possibly Wednesday or Thursday, we will get to bring our little girl home.

So I’ve been staying up late to get things done. Monday I spent the night setting up her bassinet and was half way easy, and last night my parent dropped off her Travel System (Car seat, Base for the car, and stroller), that was a little difficult at first but I got it done.

I’m getting excited, so far it’s still looking like a go for her to get able to come home tomorrow or Thursday, so far no ones has said any different. Right now it’s just about getting the place set for her, it’s funny the apartment looks like we just moved in there, though we been there for month since we was rearranging some things and there is stuff everywhere. Got to get it ready…Nyla is coming home! 🙂


  1. Heaven says:

    Awww … look at her! Congratulations papa, I know you can’t wait until she’s home.

  2. yay! the lil miss nyla jade is coming home…can’t wait to meet her!