February 1, 2007

The First Night Home

She is out the hospital. No more Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, no more nurses ready to swoop in if she cries or a monitor alarm goes off, no more of them taking care of my little girl. Now it’s just me and Nique. The first night was interesting to say the least and I already started getting no sleep. See she got home fine, and was just relaxing in her infant carrier. She was fed, and all was good…

Then came bedtime. We put her in her bassinet and turned off the lights, hoping she would go to sleep. I mean this girl is good at it, at the NICU whenever we came to visit, she was always sleeping. That must of been a front lol, she would not go to sleep. She kept moving around, fussing, and then crying. After trying to feed her some, she wasn’t hungry, then we tried to rock her to sleep, she’d nod off, but as soon as we put her in the bassinet, she would start to fussing again. Nique was tired so I let her nod off and I spent the night trying to get her to sleep. It’s funny though, cause me and her bonded lol, she eventually go to sleep, but i had to spend the entire night awake, or semi-sleep. How did I get her to sleep, you may be wondering? Well she only seems to not fuss and sleep soundly when i have her cradled in my arm. I would cradle her in my arm and she nod off and be fast asleep. However if I put her back in the bassinet she awake and fuss again. So I spend the entire night propped up against the headboard of our bed with a pillow for my back, and stayed in that position while she slept. Then in the morning as you can see in the picture above, I laid back and let her sleep on my chest. Something I wish I could of did during the night but your not suppose to let a baby sleep on her stomach, so during the night, I had her in my arms on her back. The end result, she and Nique slept soundly, I semi-sleep for period of like 5 minutes at a time and got a nasty chink in my back shoulder blade from the position…The joys of fatherhood lol

But it was all worth it when I thought to myself, look at that, she can’t go to sleep unless she is in her Daddy’s arms, a pleasant thought 🙂


  1. Jameka says:

    There is no place like being in Daddy’s arms…This is such a cute photo Verse. I’m so happy for you and Nique. Nyla is so beautiful. Nothing is more important than family.

  2. Supa says:

    Yup…Dads rule.(speaking from experience…lol)

  3. Heaven says:

    This picture is absolutely adorable!

    I love pictures like these.