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The Future of Broadband Video is Now!
Yes the age of YouTube is now, and the future of how you watch TV or video is rapidly changing everyday. Versatile Media Group prides itself on embracing new technology and developing content and uses for this new technology as it comes along. One of our first ventures for the 2007, is video blogging. If you thought Blogging was already big, video blogging is just the new step. Ryan Leslie championed it with his website, which has launched his career and that of his artist Cassie and her hit single Me & U. Even Diddy himself is on YouTube documenting his life for the world to view. VMG’s first jump into video blogging is of that of Chuck Holliday. Photographer, CEO, Mogul.

HolliWorld is being executively produced by Jason “VerSe” Anderson of Versatile Media Group and Chuck Holliday himself of Digital First LLC. With much promotion being pushed to this project, HolliWorld can be viewed in the following areas:

MySpace –
iFlim –
YouTube (Official Spot) –
HolliWorld clips can also be viewed apart of the Versatile Media Group Network, now in the developing stages. These clips can be seen right on the VMG website’s homepage under the title Currently on the VMGN at

Be sure to check in as new clips will be coming shortly. Chuck Holliday represents the beginning of many more reality based video blogs that VMG will have our hands in this year and in the coming years, and we are happy to be working with him and Digital First LLC. For more information please feel to email us at Below is a bio on Chuck Holliday and his reality blog experience.

About Chuck Holliday’s HolliWorld
Follow the daily rumblings of Professional Photographer/Radio & TV Personality Chuck Holliday in the EXCLUSIVE internet-only video diary “Holliworld,” featuring in-depth raw footage behind the scenes in the fashion & modeling industry. From photo shoots to parties to various events, life is never a dull moment for the controversial photographer. “Holliworld” will feature various appearances from “The Digital Elite” clique, and members of the URM / All World family.

About Chuck Holliday
Chuck Holliday (Chuck Holliday, born April 16, 1976 in York, Ontario, Canada) is a New York-based commercial photographer and marketing executive. He is often regarded as a prominent figure within the urban modeling industry on the east coast (despite no formal photography training prior to entering the business in 2002), with his unorthodox use of diagonal imaging angles. After beginning in import modeling during the fall of 2002, he has since branched out into commercial endeavors as of 2005.

Despite a resume that includes Ocean Drive Magazine, C.Miller Group, Mangos of NJ Restaurant (Co-Owned by Rita Owens), G-Style Magazine, Black Pearl Books (“Drama” and “Street Games”), Don Diva Magazine, SOTAC Magazine, WNBA / Esteem Magazine, Hair Confusion, GIANT, NYConfidential, and Glam606, the oft-controversial Holliday is best known within the modeling industry insiders throughout his early photography days (2002-2004) as the alleged leader of a group of photographers and casting agents within the New York City metropolitan area named the Impact Players (later dubbed “The Afterhours Gang” by various industry critics), which others perceived had sufficient clout with casting directors and various urban publication editors for heavily influencing the urban modeling scene on the Northeast region during that timeframe, and were often accused of refusing to work with modeling talent outside the group or its members romantic interests.

Holliday founded Urban Renewal Media in 2003, which began as a modeling promotion company, but transformed into an urban marketing and brand consulting entity by 2005. He has since acquired All World Corporation in 2006, thus creating a “super-company.” Both companies meanwhile, continue to operate as their own respective brands (alongside Photography & Publishing brand Glamours Edge) underneath the larger parent company Digital First Strategies (LLC) umbrella.

The oft-controversial photographer will appear in the upcoming reality TV series, “The Rebel District,” in addition to his own internet-branded video blog, “Holliworld,” both in early 2007. Holliday is currently the Executive Producer and Co-Host of Avenue One Radio.

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