Just a Brief Update…

I know, I know, it has been awhile since I have posted. Fatherhood along with work, along with trying to run my own company is time consuming to say the least. Things have good, thing have been rough and tiring, but I’m still here.

Nyla is doing well, she is not going on 3 months old and is currently about 8lbs+. She is a little fussy thing. She doesn’t like being disturbed from her sleep, and if she isn’t sleeping, or eating (at least with me) she is crying. I spend maybe 90% of my time with her trying to get it to stop crying. There a few moments here and there when I will be holding her and she is calm and content, but most of the time crying. It is a tolling thing. I mean her mother can at least if anything just feed her and she will stop. She has that to fall back on, me however there is no fall back on plan. I’ll change her position, work around, put her in the swing, try to move her real fast (she seems to like fast motion), but it is hard keeping that up, and then the minute I stop back to crying again lol. So it is taxing on the mind and body. But other than her fussing, she is good. Her vocal chords are getting more developed and this can be heard in how she cries and the tones she uses.

Sleep is getting better, sure we have to have her in the bed with us, but sleep is sleep, when you need it, hey you got to do it. All the people who are like, noooo she is gonna get use to being in there and you won’t be able to get her out, sorry but I need sleep, so if for now she has to be in there, then that is what it’s gonna be.

Let’s see what else, well just passing, I made it to the big 2-7, 27 years old wow I’m getting up there. I’m creeping closer and closer to 30 it’s scary lol. That number just feels so adult. While I in no way feel as if I’m a child, shoot I want to hold on to my youth lol. To those of you who are already 30, don’t worry I hear it’s the new 20 lol. So the 27 was also the first with the baby. Nothing too different there lol, my girl took me to see the 300, that movie is gangsta to say the least, and she got me a nice watch, it was a cool weekend.

Well to wrap this up for now, shout out to a bunch of friends of mines who just had babies, we are in the baby season it seems. Shout out to Robin, Lady B, Sens, and Panama. Then of course shout out to some people who are about to have children as well real soon, Reetz and Aaries, holla!

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