My Next New Phone

So this is the new phone I want with a passion. This is the Blackberry 8300, otherwise know as the Blackberry Curve. This Blackberry is the first full keyboard Blackberry to have a camera (a 2.0 MP one), slim like the 8800 and the Pearl, and has the trackball as well. This is also the first Blackberry (I think the 8800 might have it too) to have a Spell Checker on it as well.

I’ve been good, I have went a full year with my current phone te Blackberry 8700c, but I want a new one. However Cingular would make me pay the full retail price for it which is $449.99 when the promotional price they are selling it for is $199.99. I being the man I am, found a way to get the phone for the promo price. All I have to do is add on a line to my Family Talk Plan and then get the phone. When I add a line, it would be like getting a new line of service or like being a new customer. When I add on, I would only have to pay $9.99 for the line, so $199.99 plus tax plus $9.99 is a hell of alot better than paying $449.99 plus taxes. Then all I have to do is swap my SIM card for the one in the new line and I’m good to go. Holla!

So yes I can’t wait to get this phone, I might get it in the middle of June when I got some extra cash coming in. Till there, I’ll just have to fiend lol.

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