We a Cingular (Now the new AT&T) Family

So I finally got my girl off of horrible T-Mobile (sorry to the t-mobile people). I brought her over to Cingular and converted my plan to the Family Talk 2100 minute plan. What is ill though is since I’ve had Cingular, I never go over my minutes, so i built up 2000+ minutes in rollover. So now each month we have 4000 anytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekend. So to welcome her to Cingular and since she didn’t really like the Blackberry I had given to her before I got her this Red Blackberry Pearl…

Ain’t I just the good little boyfriend lol. So now we are Cingular folk, even though they changed the name back back to AT&T lol.

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  1. urban diva says:

    i’m getting a hang of the rollover minutes…had over 400 last month…let’s see what’s left at the end of this cycle…lol