June 19, 2007

Happy Silver Surfer (Father’s) Day to Me!

This was a interesting Father’s day to say the least. I wouldn’t really count it as a off to a good start. It was really happy Silver Surfer day since the only thing I did that day was watch the Fantastic Four movie. My girl said she had a gift for me but Amazon couldn’t get it here on time, but hey it’s the thought that counts. Then after the movies on the way home, I got dumped on and spit up on by Nyla both at the same time. So not only did I have number 2 on my jeans, but i had spit up on my neck.

But to top off, I thought at least at the end of the night I would get some “special” daddy attention, since it was Father’s Day and all…but turns out, I got nothing, I got a fall asleep and I’m left awake night…..

Yes this was definitely interesting Father’s Day, I hope next year’s is better. This Father’s Day was just another day.

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