September 18, 2007

7 Months and Counting…

I’m still here. This child hasn’t killed me lol. Yep that is my little Nyla right there. Now a little over 7 months old. She is a character indeed. Especially when she is screaming her head off about something.

She has now been in the rolling over and around phase for a little while now, and looks like she may be getting hang of her legs, in attempts to begin the crawling phase. I hope she does crawl and doesn’t skip it and go straight to walking. But if she is like her daddy and doesn’t want to way for anything, she we hop straight to walk.

Food wise she all into this “Beechnut Stage 2 foods, fruits and vegetables. Lol she is better than me, cause I can’t stand vegetables, but she be gobbling up Squash and all these other types. We’ll see how long that last lol. Other than that, everything is chill and we making it along just fine!

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  1. Tamara says:

    heyy i really love this!! yupp my lil baby cuz awww i love her!! and yuppp that is soo amazing how she is growing up..yupp thats a good father right there 🙂 love ya cuz too