September 18, 2007

AT&T F-ing Up Man!

AT&T Man is on some other ish right now! Now don’t get me wrong, I still swear by AT&T, but they just doing some ish I don’t understand. Ok first, while yes I knew this was gonna happen, they are changing me email address. Now I knew once Cingular went back to AT&T, this might happen at some point, it still is wack. So during October-November, that will be changing the to Hey atleast isn’t as cheesy as @mycingular but man now I got to let everyone know. Well if you read this blog and got the new personal blackberry address, then just remember to update your address book come Oct, Nov.

Second this is the one that make no sense. When I decided I was to upgrade my Blackberry from my 8700c, I had a choice of the 8800 or the Pearl. The Pearl just wasn’t for me, so I thought I was getting a 8800. However once I played with it in the store, I had to pass, didn’t like the feel of it. Then dropped the 8300 aka The Curve! It had the feel I like, and was hot looking, the only thing it lacked was the built-in GPS that the 8800 had. So i sucked it up and rode out with the Curve. So can you believe these fools are going to release I think the 8310, which is the exact same thing in every way as the Curve, BUT has GPS in it. I’m tight after I committed to this thing, they going to do this…

AT&T ya’ll suck right now!

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  1. urban diva says:

    that’s wild…happy my BBville citizenship came via t-mobile and all i have to deal with at&t for is the iphone…