October 30, 2007

Status Update

It’s been a month, just putting something out there, so you people (the small amount who do read this blog lol) know I’m alive. Things are ok, boring actually, can’t say I have anything to look forward to currently, but eh what can you do.

Nyla’s turned 9 months this past Oct. 24th, and she is crawling finally. It’s funny though, she doesn’t go to far, she usually (at least when I see her) heads straight to the TV cabinet. She is a funny one, if she heads to the cabinet I can usually get her to crawl away from it, but tapping my hand on the floor really fast. She seems to like the thumping sound my hand makes when it hits the floor and the movement. That however is hard to sustain, my wrist usually gets tired after awhile lol.

I’m trying to get this 2BR apartment. Had a place I thought I was going for, however decisions seem to get made without me in the matter, so that is interesting. So who knows where that stands at this point. But will see how that pans out, at this point, the whole thing is annoying me, since it is being made to be so complex. I’m tired of it

My TV i’d been wishing about and dream I would get before the year ended, that dream just got tossed in the gutter cause of this moving situation. So who knows when that will happen now. Anddd that’s about it, nothing else worth talking about right now. I’m just tired, I need something, anything to rejuvenate me, cause life has me drained right now…

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