November 8, 2007

The Hunt is Finally Over, I’m Moving!

Yes Yes, the hunt is finally over. Some of you remember me talking about finding a new place long time ago. Well, that search had came to a temporary hold, till recently. Now that Nyla is 9 months, and on her way to a year, I was hope to find a 2 Bedroom place before she reached one. So the hunt started again. We looked at a place in Throggs Neck in the Bronx and we like the place, but by time we got our application in, someone else scooped the place. Then we seen one near the Castle Hill area, but that was too small according to Nique, so that was a no go. Then we checked a place out near the Pelham Parkway area on a street call Mullner. The place was great, the area was cool, and we want to put our application in. We told the woman who showed us the place we wanted it, but somehow she never told the management company we wanted it and they gave it away.

But this has brought us to the Soundview area of the Bronx, the nice area. We found a 2 Bedroom apartment for $1300 on the 3rd floor (we have the whole floor) of a nice 3 family type home. The place look amazing and here is a couple pictures from the ad, however these give it no justice, I’ll be taking my own pictures to show you just how hot it is.

bathroom.jpgThis is the bathroom area. But yes this mirror in the bathroom is nice, but there is so much more. The Bathroom has mood lighting throughout the bathroom. The tub is a jacuzzi tub, the shower head and faucets are this bronze metal fixtures, which look as it this place should be on that show Flip this House or something.

Then there is the Kitchen. This Kitchen is big, there is a stainless steel fridge, a big stainless steel stove , plenty of cabinets, and nice floor. The Master Bedroom is hugeeeee, it can fit a King size bed, a love seating area, a TV with TV stand, a dresser, and still have plenty room to walk around.

Nyla’s room is perfect, it is a good enough size for her and it is already painted this lavender pinkish color. The dining area is big as well, it can fit a nice big sized table. Can’t wait to show more pictures once I take some with my camera. The lease is signed, and we will begin moving in, with us fully in the new place before December 1st!

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