December 3, 2007

2 Years Anniversary/ I’m in the HD-DVD Club!

2 years people, 2 years! So far it has been an up and down ride, but then again what good roller coaster has just gone straight or just up? Shoot if every ride was like that a Six Flags Great Adventure, I wouldn’t be going there anymore. So it has been a roller coaster of a ride so far, and I haven’t exited yet. Tonight we going to have a nice simple dinner to celebrate the second year of us sticking by each other. After ever argument, disagree, fight, we still here. We have a beautiful daughter together and recently moved into a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment (I’ll have more about that is future past blog if you understand what that means lol). It has been a good years, and I look forward to more.

On another note, my girl is the best lol. I have been obsessing/convincing myself about getting a HD-DVD player. With the whole format war going on, I wasn’t sure if I should pick any side. However I thought of a plan which included getting a HD-DVD player and a PS3 (the new 40GB one, they play Blu Ray movie discs). So recently I went with a friend of mine to Costco and they have a HD-DVD player on sale for 179.99, it had a HDMI cable included and had 2 free movies in the box, PLUS it comes with a mail in rebate that lets you get 5 free additional movies with he purchase. However due to movie being low, I wasn’t able to make a move on the player. My girl for our 2nd year anniversary got me the player! I can’t wait to get home tonight to set it up! Holla!

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