December 3, 2007

I’m in the new Place!

So me and the family is finally in the new place! This is actually after some time really as we have been in the new place for about a week now. We still have boxes all over the place and the place still isn’t put together, however it is coming along slowly. Nyla has her crib and has been getting used to sleeping in her new room. The first 2 nights was hard as she kept crying, but she seems to be getting better now. The Kitchen is slowly coming along with all the Spices being put in the respective cabinets and whatnot.

I have the HDTV in the living room, and just finished getting the TV Stand, so now I have been putting stuff in it’s place. I will have the TV, Cable box, my new HD-DVD player (thanks baby!), and eventually when I get it the stereo receiver. Also there will be my cable modem and and the wireless router in there, so it should all fit smoothly!

Now I have to get use to the new area, as the food places I normally went are far or just not around, time to remap what is around me. Plus now I’m back on the 6 train line after not actively riding it for 7 years I believe!

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