Damn It’s been a minute…

It has definitely been a little while, I think like since December sheesh. So what has been going on. Let’s see, while Nyla just turned a year…..Yea I know a full year has went by since the first of my daughter. She is a little character, she has developed her little personality. Plus she is so close to walking on her own. Man when that happens, it is going to be crazy, with her walking all over the place.

As far as me. I the last post said I got my 7.1 Surround Sound System, so my entertainment center is good. Still need a couple things like some speaker stands for the surrounds, a couch (yea I know lol), and some art stuff the misses wants to put in there, I think I want one of them tall places too, something about that is calling me. What else, oh blah after my girl got me a HD-DVD player, HD-DVD had to up and go quit the format war, forcing me at some point to now and go get a Blu Ray player. I will most likely be getting a Sony PS3, for too many reason to list here. I also plan on getting a 1080p HDTV from Vizio for the living and then finally puttig the 32 inch I currently have in the bedroom.

Hmm work is good, no complains there, and VMG is doing well. I got 2 clients I’m working on, a possible 3rd in the works (I think I’ll know for sure tomorrow), and our ventures are doing well. HolliWorld is doing great, G Style Magazine is where it should be and still climbing, we just almost secured a deal to have it added as a channel on a popular software for Blackberry and Window Mobile devices, but I don’t want to talk about that yet till I know if it secured and a done deal. So stay tuned.

What’s on the horizon….Our first family vacation. May do Disney World this year, the whole family thing :o) So gearing up for that, and some other things. I’ll holla back and i’ll try not to be too distant….I said try….

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