April 10, 2008

Finally! Sweet Victory!

So some of you may not know but trying to use Yahoo Messenger on my Blackberry, has been a pain in my butt for a longggg time now. Back when I had the Blackberry 8700, I had hacked my BB and put Yahoo Messenger on there. While then they came out with version 2. I thought I would be good, but sure enough once I removed the old version and put on the new one, I found out the new version didn’t work.

So now I was screwed. The new one didn’t work, and I could no longer put on the old one. I try to re hack it the same way I did for the old one, but no good, it wouldn’t work. While finally today I was searching the web for something else actually and I stumbled upon a forum thread for Yahoo Messenger v2.0. I tried it and hollaaaa, it worked. So now I can finally Yahoo again from my BB.

Ha not that I intend to be on there all the time, but purely for the fact that I want when I want to pleases me. Now only if I can find a way to use AIM on my BB without buying one of the IM clients or using some wack version like Ramble or the Media Net base one!

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