May 12, 2008

Yep it’s that time again….Upgrade Time!

What you are looking at here is my next new phone people. The Blackberry 9000 aka The Blackberry Bold. Officially announced today, it is speculated that it will be available for consumer purchase “this summer”. Now I hope this summer is June rather than end of say August, but we’ll see.

Now I’m not going to get into all the specs of the phone, you can hop over to G Style Magazine for all that. Here I’m just going to highlight the reason why I want this phone lol:

1. This thing looks cool! Look at that picture, actually goto and have a look at it. It is hot

2. 3G! One word, Slingbox. The bane of my Blackberry existence, Windows Mobile devices got to use Slingbox for Mobiles, but not that Slingbox is working on a app for Blackberry and this one will have 3G, yes I can be watch my TV at home on the go lol.

3. It can do both voice and data at the same time. Current Blackberry can do either or. So if you are on the phone, your not getting any emails till you hang up, this will be able to do both!

4. Look new looking OS, it looks great people, end of story.

5. The display on this thing is crispy, it is bigger and looks sharper!

6. It has WiFI, can we say possible VOIP phone calls. If you don’t know what VOIP is, google it lol

There you have it, there is more, but there was some many features, my mind is locking up so I can’t remember them all at the moment lol.

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