June 7, 2008

She’s a Copy Cat lol

She’s a Copy Cat lol

Originally uploaded by daverseman

Nyla is too funny I tell you! What you are looking is my water bottle. Whenever I drink from it, if she is in my presence, she watches me. So one day I decided to let her try it. She open her mouth to get the water, but she pretty dribbled most of it out, as she didn’t know how to drink from it. I squeezed a little out and she seems to love that concept.

So now whenever she sees me drinking for my water bottle, she wants some lol. That night I had it on a little try and she pretty much reached for it. That picture is her in action, now this is one of those 1/2 gallon bottles lol. She is diesel, picked up, tilted it like a bottle and tried to drink from it lol. She is such a copy cat lol

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