June 8, 2008

A Diamond is Forever

A Diamond is Forever

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The count down has ended, no more T-Minus, you are now looking at a engaged man. Yes people in My Versatile Life, I’m proud to announce my engagement. Last night I proposed to the misses and she said yes. She and I are no longer Boyfriend and Girlfriend, but now Fiance. Going to have to get use to the term lol.

So it all went down at the Bowling Lanes at the Port Authority. You might be like “um bowling”, but you see the first place we ever went to on a semi blind date was bowling. I believe in full circle, so before we begin this next chapter, I believed we should go back to the beginning.

I spent weeks working to cover any cracks, loopholes, and openings for her maybe to know what I was up to. So when she seen the open box with the ring in it, she was overwhelmed! Her words was she was shock, excited, overwhelmed, and felt like her heart was going to come out her chest. I’ll have better pictures of the ring soon.

Up next vacation, and man I need, I’ve literally be working the last 2 years straight with no vacation! Yikes!

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