June 10, 2008

Call Me Fiance / Vacation Soon!

Call Me Fiance / Vacation Soon!

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Such a interesting term. So use to saying “My Girlfriend” in conversation, I got to program to saying “My Fiance” now lol.

I was talking to a friend about it and she was like man we growing up and that right there is crazy! I think back to long ago I was just a kid, riding my bike, rollerblading and what not. I thought about the future. Having my own place, a car, working, I didn’t think about a child or a fiance lol. I knew I’d have a girlfriend, but that had such a different meaning back then lol. And it all seem so far off.

Now got a 9-5, my own ventures, my own place, a car (which I need to get rid of, gas prices sheesh), a child and a fiance, man who knew lol. And up next, a wife woww.

Vacation, vacation. I leave for vacation in 10 days, and I CAN NOT wait! I have literally been working straight for the last 2 years! I didn’t even realize it till I actually just thought about it. This will be our first “family” vacation. And we will be hoping be going to the same place we took this picture at 2 years ago. 10 days and counting, yesssss!

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