6 Days Left before Holiday

6 Days Left before Holiday

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Yes yes, I so can’t wait. Working 2 years straight without a week of vacation is rough, but somehow I managed. Keep in mind that is just the 9-5 job. I don’t get vacation from VMG or G Style Magazine. Those run 24/7, so a week off is well deserved.

What is cool about this vacation is provided everything works how I want, I’ll be going back to the same hotel me and my (now) fiance went 2 years ago. However I have learned so much from that time that this vacation will really be Web 2.0ed out. I think I will have you follow us on Flickr, and maybe we’ll blog the fun…maybe, we’ll see.

But Florida here we come. It will be a lot of first with this vacation. It will be my first time on a plane this year, it will be the first time Nyla or Nique has ever been on a plane, and it will be our first “family” vacation. FL here I come!

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