June 14, 2008

Children’s Day at the Seaport

Children’s Day at the Seaport

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So it’s children’s day at the Southstreet Seaport, and we’re back here again. Last year, Nyla wasn’t even old enough to do anything. This year she is older but this place is crazy.

As I look around I see random fathers pushing strollers and at the same time looking at their Smartphones. I did a little of the same, but I was taking pictures and uploading to Facebook and Flickr. You can see some of those if you click on More Photos where it says Follow Me on Flickr on the widget to the right.

We stood on a line that would rival a Six Flags Great Adventure roller coaster line just to have Nyla take a picture with Clifford the big red dog. Once we got to be next, they announced that they had to rotate and was bringing out Curious George. So they didn’t even let us get the picture. When they bring out George Nyla didn’t even want to get near him, started screaming out of her mind from fright.

The music they were playing to me is wack, then it started to rain. This pretty much turned into going inside and standing around while the misses shopped. Yea fun galore…there is nothing worse than standing in a store with no AC, while someone elses spends mad time shopping. And then add Nyla who wants to get into everything and then we have the making of good fun….

That pretty much summed up the day, as the it started to pour so we made our way to the train and I got soaked. And you know they was pumping the AC in the train, add a soaked shirt and we talking frozen time it was horrible lol. Overall the day was a wash, literally lolol. But hey the misses and Nyla had fun.

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