June 18, 2008

Prepare for Take off!

My head is already in the clouds lol. To me this day is over and since I never count the day I’m in, technically tomorrow is vacation time lol. Of course tomorrow is actually Thursday and I’m don’t leave till Friday, but hey I think tomorrow my mind is going to be checked out already. Tomorrow my spirit is going to be already at the Airport waiting to board the plane lol.

You might be thinking, ok he put a picture of a plane to match the title or the post, but you are only half right. This is just any old plane, I do my research, this is the plane type I would actually be on tomorrow lol. Yes while looking at my ticket, it said equipment type MD-88, so I wondered to myself “What does that mean”. Good ole Google to my aid, simply inputted MD-88 into Google and some plane info came up. I then tried Delta MD-88, and was able to find images of the type of plane me and the family will be on Friday. So other than that, I’ve call the rental car company and the hotel just to “reconfirm” our reservation. Hey I had to do something, we took a head start to packing and our bags have been basically packed since Sunday/Monday. I have no other prep to do, so reconfirm I did lol. Florida here we come!

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