July 5, 2008

Love My Cousin!

Love My Cousin!

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This has been a longggg weekend. From the last minute request to take pictures of her wedding to the overnight bus to Raleigh, NC to doing everything else beyond photography, it has been a long weekend.

I have been a heavy mover, idea giver, and all around everything man, helper and more. This was a trying time. In the end, I’m glad I got to see my cousin take this step in her life. I got to see my cousin tear for the first time (she use to be hell of a tomboy), she has come a long way from when she was 14,15.

Now I await a 1am bus back to New York (yea I know smh). I wish my cousin the best and a happy future with her husband. Now I just hope the pictures come out well enough to her liking, as this was the first and only Wedding I intend to do….

Next stop New York City!

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