August 1, 2008

My Digital Self

My Digital Self

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So it has been slow. Now much for me to blog about. The 9-5’s company Kickball team is coming to a end, our last game is I think Tuesday. We will be playing a undefeated team. If we can pull off a win, we end the season with a 3W-4L record lol, it was fun though.

Now we onto the Nintendo Wii Bowling League lol. Your looking at my Mii character. Looks like me huh lol. Played my first game out of 4 yesterday, and finished with 155. 3 games left and I’m looking to grab that top spot lol

Other than that, same ole same ole. Still waiting for the Blackberry Bold to come out. That thing better be out this month! And also trying to gear up for the Digital Life Expo coming at the end of September, want to make a bigger presence for G Style this year and maybe even give away something!

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