August 8, 2008

The War Between Toddler & Electronics

A Year Plus Now – The War Between Toddler & Electronics

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Yep yep, Nyla is passed a year old now. She is like a year and a half now (I don’t go by that whole 17, 18, 19 month stuff, once she hit a year she was 1 lol). And this has a knack for messing with my gadgets!

I guess on the one hand I should be happy since she seems to just love all kinds of electronic gadgets. Her eyes get all big and she loves to try and go for my Blackberry (definite no no), TV remotes, laptops, cablebox, and more. Sometimes I will put her on my lap while I work on the computer and she just sits there all focused, until I have to put her down cause she tries to press the keys lol.

On the other hand, she is all over! Plus she doesn’t know what she is doing yet, so letting her mess with stuff is going to lead to her pressing buttons she shouldn’t be pressing and messing stuff up. While I like her curiosity in electronics, what I don’t want is having to deal with the fall out when she messes something up. I’m not trying to do damage control!

I guess when she get older I’ll encourage her use of electronics more, but for now I need fences and lots of them to guard and protect all the electronics in the house. Then I need to rotate those safe guards cause she is too smart for her own good. She is like me, she is highly observant, she watches you closely, and then she repeats what you did. So if I slip up, she’ll she how I’ll lock up something and then come back later and know how to unlock it lol.

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