Expanding the G Style Magazine Reach

Expanding the G Style Magazine Reach

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G Style Magazine started as a column in a e-magazine. We have come along way since. Sometimes the measure of success isn’t always in terms of money. Something pure commitment to a project, an idea, a goal and sticking with it can be a measure of success.

G Style went from a column to a full Digital Magazine of it’s own. This was 2005. Now 2008, G Style Magazine has expanded to have a presence on every popular way people use the internet. We’re on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Viigo (a victory on it’s own), and we are optimized for mobile users so we are looking to the future.

We have just further our expansion to Flickr a popular photo sharing site and Twitter a popular new form of micro blogging. Thes latest 2 have been set up for a specific reason. This year at the Digital Life Expo held at the Jacob Javis Center in New York City, we are going to make a presence unlike previous years. This year we will be seen. We will cover the event unlike we have done before, now only will the event be covered on our main site, we will use Flickr to bring you up to the minute photos of the event. What we see you will see. We will also use Twitter to micro blog where we are during the Expo, booth to booth, current happenings and more.

I invite you to follow us on Twitter follow on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/gstylemagazine) and on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/people/gstylemag).

The one thing about G Style Magazine that set it apart from under “upstarts” while we are on all of these sites, it isn’t a unregulated or uncoordinated expansion. Everything is seamless from Facebook, to MySpace, to Twitter though we are on different sites, it is all on the same page and integrated with our main site. Consistency, harmonious, coordinated, aligned. This is G Style Magazine, a movement and it is only the beginning!

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