August 26, 2008

This is a Hot Photo…The New Classics

I peeped this picture on the internet, think I was reading the site. And this is bad as in the back in the day Michael Jackson term of the word bad. I mean I’ve been sweating the new Chevy Camaro concept since I first seen it, but now I don’t know I mean I still want to get it (if my finances are in order of course lol), but that Dodge Challenger is looking bad too.

This shot of all 3 is hot, it’s the return of the classics, the pony cars. Picture is the Chevy Camaro, The Ford Mustang, and the Dodge Challenger. Too bad they back at a time when gas is such a issue. Like I said I would like to get the Camaro if my finances are in a good situation, but if the fuel situation on it isn’t promising I may have to rethink my dream lol. But a man can still dream can’t he…

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