October 8, 2008

M&N Deli on 45th & 3rd Ave is on some BS!

(The picture shown is not that of the Deli, but a representation of a Deli) Ok in today’s world of Credit Cards and Debt Cards, why are Delis on some BS. So I go into M&N Deli on 45th and 3rd. I order a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on a bagel and pick up a 32oz bottle of OJ. The total for both is some $6.25, which is already pretty high just for breakfast, but hey this is Manhattan. Tell me this chick behind the register is going to tell me they have a $8.00 min for debt cards.

Can someone tell me why I need to spend 8 bucks to buy breakfast when the meal i purchase was 6.25. She had the nerve to just keep staring at me even though, I told her I had no cash. So in the end she does it and is like, next time 8 dollars. Ok so does she really think I’m going to come back and spend 8 dollars when whatever I want is going to cost less than that. Shoot I wish I could do a movement. Like have mad people go in there and order a meal, sandwich, drink and all, then make sure it comes out to 6 dollars or. Then if they be on some 8 dollar min, we should all just place the food on the counter and walk out. That would be hot, who is with me?

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  1. Yeah alot of them do that, probably to save merchant fees – you got some stores that require like a $12-15 min for purchase