Finally the Blackberry Bold is So Close

So if any of you know me, I’ve been waiting for this phone for like forever! First this phone was suppose to come out June 2008, then July, September, October, and now finally AT&T has put out a press release saying that they are releasing the Blackberry Bold on November 4th.

At this point in the game, I’m not even as excite as this isn’t new news anymore. The Bold has been released in mad location overseas already, so I can’t even claim to among the first people with it. Sure I might be among some of the first US officially released people to have one, but it doesn’t have that appeal like it did before. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a great phone. The main reason I want it is because it has 3G, WiFi, and GPS. Another key reason is because I will be able to have simultaneous voice and data. With this feature I’ll be able to truly be mobile as I will be able to hold a conference call and still view emails, surf the web, or do other data related items while still on the phone. So I could be have a team meeting, and while doing so, email them some documents they need to see without disturbing the phone call. This is great.

I guess I have just lost that urge to get this device because “it’s the hot new thing” anymore. I mean the device isn’t the hot new thing since many have it outside of the US and some people have even brought version from Canada, unlocked them, and using it here. So now I just want it because I see it as a good business advantage. Which isn’t bad, but lol there is no fun in that. Anyway this is all assuming it comes out on November 4th. With all the delays they have had, you never know lol

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