October 29, 2008

My Little Ruff Ryder

My Little Ruff Ryder

Originally uploaded by daverseman

Nyla sure has her daddy’s adventurous spirit! As if taken from a page in my youthful play book, Nyla like to be all over. She tries climbing her High Chair, this stool we have, and her latest is pulling Ruff Ryder stunts on her first “bike” lol. When I first noticed this, it was the funniest thing. Then it reminded me of myself as I loved climbing on things all the time.

So with this stunting she was doing, you just know I had to catch it by camera. But what was so funny, she was all for it, she would climb on the bike, stand up on it, and then even be like “cheeeese” when I would say it. I even had her putting her arms out like a bird, as she would copy me. My little dare devil! Ruff Ryderssssss! Lol

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