November 5, 2008

I Was Alive to Witness a Moment in History

Now while I don't get into politics due to my upbringing and beliefs, I can acknowledge what happened last night. America has come along way and I got to see in my lifetime an African-American man become President. You know from childhood some children when asked what they want to be when they grown up, say things like a fireman, a police officer, a doctor, and those are great. Now if you have a black child say the President before that might of been cute, but in the back of your mind you might think, not going to happen kid.

After last night, ever child whether black, Asian, White, Spanish, or other can say proudly I want to be the President when I grow up, and there will no longer be a doubt of that possibly. For the first time in America, a country that has enslaved black men, didn't allow us to vote, didn't give us rights, and generally treated us as second class citizens. This country which has burned us, beat us, hosed us down, chased us from our homes, threw rocks at us, and assassinated some of the greatest among us. This country has elected a Black man, a Senator Barack Hussein Obama II as President of the United States of America. Wow!

I'll leave this with 2 quotes, one I thought was inspiring and the other from a friend which I thought was funny.

"Rosa Parks sat down, so that Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther Kind walked, so that Barack Obama could run. Barack Obama ran, so that we could fly!"

The other comes from my friend Mel "Urban Diva"

"They didn't want to give us 40 acres and a mule, so dammit we will take 50 states and a white house!"

Too funny and that wrap it up for me! Congrats Barack Obama, you did a great job running and I especially respect how you use technology to achieve this!

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