November 8, 2008

Finally, After Months I Have the Bold!

Finally, After Months I Have the Bold!

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Finally after months of waiting for this thing, I finally have it. It’s funny because the first time I spotted it, was December 31, 2007. I know this, because I mention it on G Style Magazine. Then it was just a leak picture of what someone thought might be the Blackberry 9000. Then it was suppose to come out in June, and here we are in November, but it was worth the wait!

The screen on this thing is superb! This thing is the same resolution as the iPhone, but the screen is smaller, so the pixels are denser, making images look crisp, sharp, and vibrant! Then there is the 3G, man what a difference 3G makes! I don’t think I’ll be able to come back to EDGE after being on 3G. Things load up some quick, and plus I can know talk on my phone and still send emails or surf the web at the same time.

Now let’s talk about the Internet Browser. Ok it isn’t no iPhone (which I hate the fact that everything, I mean EVERYTHING has to be compare to it), but this is the best browser I’ve every seen on a Blackberry. On my Curve I surfed the web here and there, one because EDGE is cool but slow and two the browser wasn’t all that and I knew and accepted this, since it had so many other great features. I also used the Opera browser, but on the Bold I haven’t even installed Opera and don’t plan to. The Bold browser is great. Before I would love to see G Style on the iPhone because it was great seeing the site rendered to look how it would on a PC. Now I can say the same for the Bold! Love it man, and 3G makes worth it speed wise!

Ok I’ll wrap this up, so I don’t sound like a fan boy. This is the best Blackberry ever, yea the Storm might be interesting but if I had to choose keyboard or touch screen, I’m gonna go with keyboard. The Blackberry Bold is a great device, and well worth the wait. I’m glad I finally have it! And also forgot to mention, the keyboard isn’t bad, nothing like the 8800!

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