2 Yrs to Build My Mobile Command Center

After 2 years I have now fully converted my entire operation to be able to run from my Blackberry Bold. This is all thanks to my Versatile Media Group R&D department. I can say without a doubt, that I can now control and administrate my entire Digital Media Network from my Blackberry device. The Last components came from the Blackberry Bold (Now I have to change the top picture of my Blog again to reflect the new guy) and the MySpace Application for Blackberry recently released.

Now while I’m not going to list everything that is use to run everything, I will say what I can now to completely on the on, and fully mobile:

-I can not publish content to G Style Magazine, My Personal Blog, and My Daughter’s Website from my Blackberry.

-I can now find content, save it to the Blackberry, then publish to G Style all from the Blackberry.

-I can log into the Backend of my site and connect to the server it is all house under, all from my Blackberry.

-I can hold a team conference call on the go, and at the same time still surf the web or send & receive email at the same time from my Blackberry.

-I can now promote my content on our other VPs (Virtual Properties) like MySpace, Facebook, Twiiter, Flickr, Viigo, and more all from the Blackberry.

-I can not have breaking news and stories pushed directly to me as it happens and then republish this news to our publications from the Blackberry.

Now again I won’t breaking down everything I’ve done to interconnect the web like this to transition me from having to be in a office to work, to truly being “new” mobile (the old mobile meant you could do work from outside by using your laptop and a WiFi or Data Connection). But I will list some key items, and if you would love to be able to do this yourself, we can chat, my consulant fees are reasonable:

-Blackberry Bold (or a 3G Smartphone)
-Viigo (Only available currently for Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices)
-Various 3rd Party Applications.

With these I have truly become mobile, no longer need my laptop, and can access all facets of my digital media operations from anywhere with a 3G or WiFi signal. Now I do still work fro my laptop, but this are just for simple edit or specific items where I can’t do it from a Smartphone yet. But once I can, then it will be a wrap. Smartphone are one step closer to replacing the PC like I said. I should revisit this blog in a few years and seen if this predication rings true!

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