November 14, 2008

Endings & Beginnings

Man my world is crazy right now. Seems this thing called Life, really is just a Circle of Life, like the Lion King movie (don’t asked me why that popped in my head). With every ending, there is new beginning, new life.

It is so crazy, but today I found out that one "life" is ending (not death in the literal sense), and on the same day just found out that new life has begun. Talk about a circle of life huh. Which leaves me in a weird emotionally state, which emotion should be the dominated one? The sadness of the ending or the happiness in the knowledge of this new beginning? Do I remain sad about the ending happening before me or take joy in the new beginning now happening?

In harmony with the topic and about the same people, it is crazy how like all of my friends are having kids, another one of my closet friends just found he is going to have a child, the baby boom continues, congrats to him and his wife…wow, just wow at this man, like seriously. So Nyla is will be 2 years old plus by time his child enters into the world. We’re looking at what I think will be a Summer baby, with at my guess, would be a August birth. I’m gonna be a uncle lol.

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