The G Style Magazine Round Table Video

So today was the video shoot G Style Magazine. We was doing a round table discussion about the top 3 hot smartphones on the market right now. Those are the iPhone 3G, the Blackberry Bold, and the T-Mobile G1. All 3 are 3G devices and represent where we are at right now with mobile phone technology.

The iPhone runs OS X, Blackberry on it’s platform, and the G1 runs on Android. Anyway it is crazy cause I have been waiting forever to do this video. We had a earlier date, but had to push it back. So today is the day, then last night I started getting sick lol, go figure. We’ll see how the day goes.

Doing the video with me is Chuck Holliday who is the co-owner of G Style and Melissa Velazquez who is Editor in Chief of Mirror Image Magazine. The 3 of us have a great chemistry when we get together. We can talk about whatever and I’m hoping that flow will show well on video…

Now 7pm we finished the video. All went off without a hitch, except the first take we did when we played it back there was no sound lol, so we had to do a second take, which had sound. So now off to editing. Afterward we had lunch at Jackson Hole. Great place & best burger I’ve had in a while.

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