February 23, 2009

Stepping in front of the Camera


So on Sunday, I finally stepped on the other side of the camera. The last time I was on this side of the camera, I was taking pictures of myself. As a photographer, I’m used to be on the side that is taking the pictures, but not being the one shot. Well today I did a photoshoot with Janine of Draco Photography and it went very well. I’ve seen some of the shots that she posted on Facebook and they look good.

I must say as a first time meeting Janine that she is a giant lol. Now I’m only 5’7 myself, bu man when I see her, she was much taller than me, and with her husband and Chuck, I was definitely the smallest among us lol. We shot around Columbus Circle in Manhattan right by 59th & Broadway. It was a good shoot and besides Janine shoot, her husband was there as well, getting some behind the scene shots, along with Chuck videotaping the shoot. It started raining throughout the day, but Janine wasn’t canceling and it still came out well despite the rain. After we hit up Starbucks (I had my Signature Hazelnut Hot Chocolate again lol) and we chilled for a few. Overall a good day, I can’t wait to get the pictures, and I’ll try not to bug Janine for the images lol. Will I step in front of the camera more often? Tell will tell, but currently it is for a very limited run lol.

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